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Dr. Munish Gupta is a renowned educator and a distinguished faculty of biology in India having 20 years of legacy offering advanced biology coaching for 11th, 12th, NEET & AIIMS. Dr. Munish Gupta have transformed student's lives by creating thousands of doctors through his individual classroom teaching based in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Munish Gupta's teaching philosophy is to teach students, how to think instead of what to think that allows students think biologically with best learning experience.

General impression is that the biology is all about cramming and ratification but this is not true. Studying biology at the level of NEET & AIIMS essentially requires abstract thinking and reasoning. Idea is to create a competitive classroom like environment in online teaching and to provide the spark that allows students to think biologically with best learning experience and highly personalised attention. Biology courses targeting NEET & AIIMS are thoroughly researched, extensively examined and crafted for comprehensive, entertaining and fascinating learning journeys. Dr. Munish Gupta's unique and content-rich biology courses provide you a world of knowledge designed to expand your horizons and to achieve your goal to be a successful doctor and a great human being.

In majority, online classes are just kidding with reference to the biology for NEET & AIIMS. You can see some of our live class recordings with patience, critically analyse us and then must analyse yourself. It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the brand or the classroom. Average teacher explains the complexity but a gifted teacher reveals the simplicity. If you can imagine it, we will build a bridge to get you there .. welcome to the world of biology.

if you can imagine it, we will build a bridge to get you there ... welcome to the world of biology.

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LIVE ONLINE CLASSES and instant doubt clarification, authoritative and well-researched study material, simultaneously academic and competitive approach, study material in the form of printed unit wise modules, daily practice problems, chapter-wise and unit-wise tests, in-depth discussion of practice problems and practice sheets, highly personalised attention with best learning experience, cover your missed classes through accessing recordings of live classes,20 years of legacy…trusted high-quality content…crafted thousands of doctors.